Mavic JJ Flying.jpg

Always wear a 


helmet when 


droning. . .



only if you really want to. This was left over from the ride in.

DXA has been flying and filming for over 4 years. Keeping up with the latest and greatest tech developments has long been a huge part of our lives. Being a part of the drone industry as it transformed from crude platforms with early GoPros velcroed on, to the obstacle-avoiding, autonomous-mission-flying, 4k-video-shooting, mega-beasts they currently are has been a wild ride. 

Flight of course quickly led to a need to edit what was shot. There are few things more yawn inducing than unedited aerial footage. Fortunately, leveraging an extensive IT background, and an ever-present drive to learn new software, we were able to take that footage, polish it up, and present an end product that people actually liked and wanted more of.

DXA now shoots and edits video of all kinds--although aerial shots are still a mainstay.  We continue to stay informed on this rapidly advancing field, and look forward to adopting new abilities into our workflow as they are made available. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any upcoming projects you may need assistance with. 

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